Atelier - Environmentally Conscious Kombucha

The Atelier is a local Kombucha Bar, emphasizing the process of their entire establishment being circular -- meaning nothing goes to waste. The Atelier is also a hub for creatives and thinkers alike, it is a place to wind down with friends, and brainstorm great ideas together.

Design Focus

Branding & Identity | Information Design | Circular Design | Print Production


The audience of the Atelier relish in minimalism, and finds joy in little touches. Fine details are the breaths of fresh air for the Busy Go-Getter, that is the audience of Atelier. ​​​​​

Circular Design means there is a Closed Loop encompassing all the materials and aspects needed for the Atelier to exist. Nothing goes to waste and everything is re-used.

Emphasis on Mental Health, and the importance of taking breaks is highlighted in the hand crafted labels, made with the pulp and fibres from the Kombucha brewing process.

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Social Media

A community built on the core value of re-usability. The process then starts over again.


By sharing on social media the creative ways customers have repurposed the Kombucha bottles, they receive a discount on the next bottle. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bottles, or they can select from the Atelier's repurposed Bottle Gallery in-store.

Design Process

Brand Development & Creative Process for Atelier


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