Re:Give YYC Non-Profit

Setting up the initial Brand Identity and Social Strategy for Re:Give for the team to be able to thrive, I included initial designs through to a final Brand Image, Social Strategy, Assets, Print Layouts, Event Materials and more over the course of several months.

Design Focus

Branding & Identity | Social Strategy | Community | Local 


Business Model

re:give YYC is a social presence bringing awareness and charity for people in need. Through custom designed donation boxes, and the post, you can mail in to re:give your old gift cards that hold anything from a few cents to a few dollars. They will then consolidate and distribute the gift cards to families in need within YYC.

Helping Hands

Re-imagining the motion of ‘helping hands’ into a word-mark and supporting graphic. The icon is an extremely simplified version of the hand motion you would use to place an item into another’s hand, and then pass that item on to someone else.

Taking the actual motion into logo form, allows for lots more creative opportunity, simple and fun in its original form.


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Re: Endless Opportunity

Re: a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition.

Using this wonderful word to re:give over and over again to people as the overarching mission of the brand, it also offers further opportunity for reaching your community and your audience. It is an ‘interactive’ word in a sense.


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